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             India is paradise for nature lovers, the land where once man and animals lived in harmony in the fascinating diversity of its terrain. Snow capped mountains, low melting hills, the eternal rivers, dense forests  all present an unending spectrum of opportunity for wild life lovers, trekkers, adventurers and peace lovers.

            The first glimpse of the  jungles gives rise to the expressions of wonderment, joy and ecstasy at the chocking visions of beauty in natures exuberance. The luxuries nature of Himalayas girdles with cascading rivers has a captivating might and power, which makes simple hearts dance in joy and ecstasy. One serenely bows and worships the dignity of the mountains, the majesty of sunrise, the beauty of the moon, the music of the jungles, the flow of the rivers, the movements and plays of animals and through their different songs there runs a uniform chord of an imperceptible cognition of an ever elusive power behind the phenomenal happenings which orders, regulates and maintains a clear harmony amidst the seeming discord in the outer world. Unfortunately the man has become destructive and the boons of nature are being tarnished.

             In the last 25 years of my regular visits to the Corbett National Park,  various other National Parks, some interesting treks and  places in India I have collected  information and Photographs. I will like to take this opportunity to share my experiences and knowledge with you.

             I hope you all enjoy reading this work and the photographs that I have taken. In case of any inquiry or information, appreciation or criticism, please feel free to contact me by e-mail on .

Thanking you.

Yours truly,

Parth Sharma

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