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            In order to motivate the staff and officials of Corbett National Park and to contribute towards their well being. We three friends (Parth, Ajay & Dr. Das ) got together and approached the Director for allowing us to set Medical Camps in the month of September every year so that just after the monsoons, the water borne diseases  start due to which the officials get mostly sick and are unable to perform their duties. Our theory was that if the staff is well then our tiger and other animals are also in good hands. The director gave us the desired permission.

We are sad that our this program did not start earlier or our dear friend Nawab mahout may still have been alive today.

Dr. Das inoculating a child that was bitten by a monkey 

Medical Camp at Dhangarhi Gate 

Women came  at Dhara Village 

The older generation also confided in us

Medical Camp at Kalagarh 


            We organized the camps on the periphery of the jungle, forest rest houses. The notice were sent nearly 15 days in advance to all check point informing them that the doctor along with free medicines would be available on the specific dates. Initially people suspected us that we are also one of the many NGO's who try to influence them or maybe politically motivated, but seeing our commitment and willingness to serve, we gained the confidence of the people and they came by numbers. In a day we used to look  after nearly 150 patients or so. We had started by seeing only the forest officials, but on the request of the respective forest officials, we also started looking after the local villagers, so that the credit of this camp goes to the forest officials who may have a better relationship with the locals.

Rescuing an official who was critically ill

The camp is a success and is still being organized.

During the camps and our interactions with the local forest officials and villagers, we observed that the conflict between man and nature has been there for ages but both have been living peacefully and respecting each other. Due to lack of resources and benefits the locals are agitated on the bureaucrats and they take out the anger on the forest. The people and the staff are excellent, just a bit of motivation and effort is required by our government and a political will to save the forest and tigers, and am sure that with such good people around our children may be able to see the tiger in the coming years.

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