Photo Album

The Lure of  Indian Wilderness

Tigress on the way to Dhikala in Corbett 

Blackbuck in Ranthambore 

Elephant Herd crossing Ramganga

Deer Herd at Ramganag Reservoir 

Crested Hawk Eagle

Grasslands of Dhikala  

Elephant ready to Charge 


Ghariyal Couple 

Tiger Kill of a Deer 

Langur Monkey 

White breasted kingfisher 

Male deer  

Sambhar deer Mating 

Tiger sighting on Elephant Back   

Neelgai in Ranthambore 

Khaleez Pheasant  


Yellow throated martin 

The Jungles of Ranthambore 

The Mysterious Roopkund Lake

The untamed Jarawa tribals of Andaman Islands 

Deoriya Tal , related to the Pandavas tale

The Rare Four horned White Ram  

Bhramkamal , the auspicious flower at 15000 feet.

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