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             When my childhood friends were busy reading  Comics of  Superman , Batman ,Richie Rich  , I was  spending my time reading Phantom and  Tarzan comics. They grew up and started reading Enid Blytons , Hardy Boys , Secret Seven , Nancy Drew, Mills and Boon  etc.. I also read these books but enjoyed more reading the books written by Edgar Rice Boroughs ( Tarzan ) , The legendary Jim Corbett and  Kenneth Anderson , hence when the time came for dating and going out , Not that I did not go out for dates and  had fun , but I enjoyed more going out for watching the Tigers and the Elephants in the Jim Corbett National Park .

             Over the years  we have wondered if we would be able to contribute towards preservation of the forest and its animals . In order to equip ourselves we have been indulging  various other activities concerning this such as  reading about forest and animals , visiting other nature parks , becoming members of NGO's giving donations to concerned organizations , helping increase awareness in friends and relations and photographing and conducting slide shows .

             Our regular visits to the Corbett National Park has helped us in making a good and respectful relationship with the staff and helped in becoming a wild life lover . In march 1997 we were instrumental in saving the life of a elephant calf which was stuck in quicksand . We helped in rescuing the calf but were forced to abandon him since mother arrived. Nothing could be done hence we left the mother and baby together for nature to take its own course. Next day the director on his rounds found the elephant calves body half eaten by the tiger . The news of the rescue had spread and subsequently we had an opportunity to meet the director Mr. R.C Gautam and the Deputy Director Mr. Rajiv Bhartari

            The meetings with the director and his deputy was very interesting and educative and gave us hope that the tiger is not doomed to extinction if such dedicated people are there to lay the foundations of tiger safety. We were informed about the tiger census in may that year in which the government intended to invite NGO's and volunteers to bring transparency to the census . We were invited to participate in the tiger census 1997 .

             This census was just the beginning of our official association with Corbett National Park . Seeing our enthusiasm and our keenness to do something for the cause of preservation , the Deputy Director Mr. Rajiv Bhartari gave us tremendous encouragement and direction . During off season and in monsoons , we organized free medical camps for the wild life officials  and  villagers  on the periphery of the park , to show them that we cared for them , indirectly conveying to them that look you care for the nature and we take care of you , and while camping we conveyed to them that in the preservation of  animals and forests , it is in turn preservation of mankind.   During the season that is from November to June , we organized slide shows in the park and taught the officials to organize such shows so that they can guide the tourists on other things to see besides the tiger.               

             Now coming to the toughest part , acknowledging the people who have helped me achieve all this , firstly I'd like to thank the staff and  management of the Corbett National Park for giving me an opportunity to serve them and helping and encouraging me all the time , special thanks to the Deputy Director Mr. Rajiv Bhartari . I 'd like to thank  my dear friend Ajay  Pal who has been a faithful and regular companion during my regular visits to the majority of the destinations and with whom there are lots of memorable moments and memories connected  which I can never  ever forget ( like being chased by a wild elephants or during census nearly stepping on a tiger ) , and also would like to thank my dear friend from the United States  Sir Guy Crain , who has been a real inspiration and guiding force , at times coming all the way from the U.S. to visit the interesting places I have been too, living with me in the park without electricity and other posh facilities that he is used to, and lastly  my family , my parents and specially my wife Mona for never ever cribbing about the cause I am into and also never complaining that invariably for holidays I pick the Jungles as the best spot to be in. Special thanks for my office staff  for taking care of my business really well during my absence and not letting my clients feel any difference. There are many many more people , who have given me encouragement and hope that our dear friend Tiger may not be doomed to extinction and keeping my faith alive , I'd like to thank everyone of them .


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